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 These two LO's and the following one





These are not done in order.

Starting with Shotgun and Ending with 
Sprinkler Fun was all one day.  One beautiful LONG day!
The three previous LO's are all on  Canada Day.  We had a bunch of fun!
As you can see, I have been busy for a bit.  I LOVE StudioJ.  I am just over half done 2008's scrapbooking.  Once these are finished and purchased then I will start purchasing 2009 and 2010 as they are already finished.  I am almost up to date on 2011.  Nice to be a bit organized in one area of my life anyway.LOL 

If you have any questions about StudioJ or any kind of paper crafting, ask.  I love to help.

I finished this one on Monday.  It was neat to consult with my daughter on it.  She picked the image.  I added the do-dads.  We even had company come over while the table was strewn with the supplies for this and my hubby said "leave it, we can eat in the living room". Very good day! 

One of two cards that I designed this past weekend.  I made 15 of this one.  These will go with the bunch my kids are selling for a church mission project.  10 cards all occasion cards for $30.  All profits go to the one day church building project.

Paper Garden Paperpak.  Everything is
Close To My Heart except the
"Family" chipboard

All CTMH.  Paper Garden
The next three cards area all made with CTMH Silhouette paperpak.  The center item is acutally a mini album.  It is made inside of a CD case.

Life's Delight stickease. 
I made over a card. 
The cardfron is from one of our past kits.

CTMH rub-ons.
The candle holders
are not ours           


This little snowman is a favourite of mine!   The center card is totally lifted from a class I took with Vicki Wizniuk.

The concept of these two cards came from Vicki Wizniuk. 

I can't remember which Scrapbook magazine I saw this in.  I just made it over into a CTMH card. Totally lifted.

These are from the sarsaparilla paperpak.


  I hope you enjoy my past artwork as much as I enjoyed making it.  Now on to new projects!

All product is CTMH.  I must say the card looks so much nicer in person. 

StudioJ Layouts that I have finally purchased.  The pics are all from 2008.  I just completed these.  They will be in the mail later this week.  I'm so glad we get jpg's to download when we order these.  Close To My Heart even gives the option of just buying the jpg's.
These are of January thru April.  It was a huge transition time for us.  We moved out of the rental trailer we had lived in for 12 years into a rental house.  It was SO cool to have space!

 These pictures at Darrell's folks place are pretty precious.  His dad passed away the following January.  These are our past pics of him. 

When we moved from the old house to the new one we expected to be there for a long time.  We put a lot of work into the new place.

 These are Close To My Heart's Dimentional Elements Christmas Ornaments.
 I covered them with patterned paper from one of our older Christmas sets.  I sure love using the files for this kind of a project!

Adding some bling and some embossing powder sure finished them off nice.

 I really enjoyed making this banner.  I had the perfect excuse.  My girlfriend's son was having a birthday.

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