Thursday, 2 June 2011

Isn't spring wonderful!  The lush green and all the planting. LOL  We are still not finished planting.  We have done spruce trees, fruit trees, berry bushes, flowers and the root vegetable garden.  The corn in the green house is 5 or 6 inches high(most of it).  I still have to plant all the climbing vegetables.  I believe that will be 11 mini beds. 

I think the most fun project right now is the second flowerbed of this year.  It was an old pile of dirt.  We don't have machinery so we can't move it(except with wheel barrow and shovel).  I decided to terrace it and plant flowers.  We are two thirds done.  I have run out of large rocks so the rest will have to wait.  I sold a box of seed potatoes and that lady gave me several cabbage plants and some corn plants.  I have no more room for plants so the terraced flowerbed is now a terraced vegetable bed.  When I get some pics I will post them.

I hope spring is a time of renewed energy for you and that you have a fantastic day!